Great reviews for Amsterdam and Paris shows

  • review in “Down & Out” magazine (1 July 2016) of the show we played at “Wijsjes Uit Het Oosten festival” on Sunday 5 June 2016
  • review in (2 July 2016) of the show we played in Paris at la Mécanique Ondulatoire with The Membranes



  • translation of Dutch review :
    Earlier in the day, the participants of the festival had to report for the launch at Fietsenmakerij Jeroen to Kastanjesweg. The youngest people in the group were two toddlers who were blowing bubbles. The duo Deutsche Ashram had set up their backline in the middle of the shop on an raised floor between new and refurbished bikes. Saddles hung like hunting trophies on the walls. Guitarist Ajay Saggar (King Champion Sounds) kept his face completely hidden behind long locks. Singer Merinde Verbeek appeared from behind a pillar at the point at which she had to sing.
    Deutsche Ashram is a project that recently entered cautiously outside the studio doors. The band's name refers to a Hindu meeting in Germany. The layered guitar sounds from Ajay rang between bike spokes and frames and changed the bike shop for a moment into an Asian temple. The underlying electronic rhythms and other additional sounds from the laptop were largely overgrown by abundant resonating strings. The band sound  reminded me not of Asian tinted krautrock but a British experimental space rock as it was made in the nineties with bands like Flying Saucer Attack and Amp. Most of the songs flowed into one another while Merinde managed to let her voice sing out above the waves of guitar noise.


  • translation of French review:
    After regaining some fresh air and some rain on the way, I returned to look with envy at the rack of Deutsche Ashram effect pedals . Merinde Verbeek sings with a striking voice, slightly floating in the atmosphere, swimming above the guitar layers - a beautiful Fender Jaguar - hypnotic that appear to come from a molten crater. Ajay Saggar has an air of J Mascis and he has a way about him to play on the dissonance of his instrument with a wha -wha pedal. It involves stretching slowly to a beautiful loud feedback when a string of melodic phrases are passed to the specter of a very dirty fuzz . Those who do not appreciate this psychedelia can return to their boring drives, the other will go home with the strong intention to sound their guitar in a huge buzz that deserves to invade all the cellars of this year , 2016.

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