The Resurrection / Whisper Om tour 2020

GIANT DRAG (USA) + DEUTSCHE ASHRAM (NL) embark on a joint UK / European tour bringing their outstanding pop sensibilities to all people with good ears and fine taste.
GIANT DRAG is the brainchild of Annie Hardy, a Californian sun kissed songwriter who combines a Laurel Canyon vibe with garage rock, which has left critics and fellow musicians in awe and gathered her cult status. She makes a welcome return to this side of the Atlantic after 7 years.
DEUTSCHE ASHRAM are about to release one of THE albums of the year…..titled “Whisper Om”. Their second album, released 3 years after their first, sees the band reach new heights in song writing and composition, with the duo of Ajay Saggar + Merinde Verbeek bringing a krautrock / electronica boost to the Cocteaus / Siouxsie vibe that they already possessed. A killer live duo to boot, this is a band not to miss!



Paradiso main hall on Wednesday 14 June 2017…..opening for Dinosaur Jr.

We were asked by Dinosaur Jr. if we would open for them when they played in Paradiso. Quite an honour and it turned out to be a beautiful day / evening.

Despite our doubts about our performance when we came offstage, we received a shower of praise and thanks from members of the public afterwards. Perhaps our nerves  played tricks on us.

We have now played the cellar, the small hall and the main hall of Paradiso within 7 months!


The live shots were taken by Susana Martins…..thankyou!